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Sketchbooks for me are not used as notes or preparations for studio works but are works in themselves. They are ’books’ that are a subject or a series of subjects.
They are part of the process of appearance and disappearance, and connected to a location or subject at a particular time. You move from one space to another over a period of allotted time. You cannot go back in time or within the space of the book. It is travelling with you encountering the same incidents and knocks.The books and the contents are rough and unkempt. Things happen and remain unchanged until the last page is finished. 

JANUARY 2012 WEBSITE EXHIBIT This particular sketchbook was made in and around Greenwich from August the 18th to the 21st, 2010. It is only a selection of the images in the book. The book begins with views of the river at evening followed the next day by a walk along the river past the Maritime museum and into Greenwich park. The following day is a river walk along to the Thames Barrier which contains some of the last few industrial areas near Greenwich. This is then followed by the view across to Canary wharf and the Isle Of Dogs at dusk and night.

David Willetts  Nov 2011