A drawing by Heather Cartwright

As a student, I was interested in a wide range of drawing sources, landscapes in particular, and people for example drawings I made when working as a nurse in a hospital. During my time at the RCA the figure in various situations became a pre-occupation e.g. the figure in relation to fashion display/adverts during the 60’s.  The course I studied was Printmaking and I have included some etchings and lithographs from this time, 1963 – 1966.  I always carried a drawing book with me to record ideas and information for the prints.  I am showing work from the 1960’s, as a contrast to my current work.
The recent work is in two parts.  Watercolours – these are mainly seascapes from Cornwall where each summer I return, and Drawing Books - there are several examples from my recent drawing books.  I enjoy going out early in the morning to draw in the lanes locally.  Fairly recently I began to write about the landscape in the back of the books (working right to left) before I began to draw.  The lane where I have had so much inspiration is Saversick Lane.  In all directions there are dramatic aspects, and depending where the sun is, the view can change vastly.  Every drawing is a separate piece of work.  I have definitely returned to landscape for my inspiration – a road through countryside, a sun or a moon in a landscape, particularly attract me.  My perception changes as landscape transforms, so it has an endless appeal.  In any situation, wherever it is, locally or by the sea, the quality of light brings contrast, drama or atmosphere.  This can create a variety of scenes to observe and respond to visually.
The prints are from 1961 – 1966, the watercolours 2008 – 2011 and drawings 2009 – 2011.


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