Southwell itself, and especially the Minster, has dominated my drawing and painting since coming to live here in 1964 - along with its people and environment. Sometimes my work is detailed and intricate, but I equally enjoy making quick sketches, trying to capture a moment in time wherever I happen to be. It is all about my response to something I suddenly see - a narrow cobbled Tuscan street, or children and dogs just running and digging on the beach, enjoying their freedom.
The sound of the Minster organ has a huge impact on me, as do orchestral and choral works - powerful, emotional, gentle, or thunderous, and my drawing changes accordingly.
But over the years, especially latterly, when accompanying my husband, David, to paint in his Derbyshire Valley, and on his search for butterflies throughout the country, he has been my constant drawing subject - although I did very much enjoy finding, following and trying to paint the butterflies myself.
Some of these "David" drawings and paintings you will see here on the screen, as well as other family sketches - such as my grandson Jack trampolining in 2006 - these days his speed and power would be impossible to draw but it's good to "have a go"!
It is the urge which dictates!
Christine Measures 2012