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Alison, a studio member at Harrington Mill and associate member of Backlit, Nottingham, graduated from Nottingham Trent University BA (Hons) Fine Art in 1996 and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Connect (Art Practice) in 2010 and six months working in the landscape as artist in residence at Thoresby Park, culminating in a solo exhibition at Thoresby Gallery in spring 2011.  Alison is currently exploring the dialogue between painting and print making disciplines, alongside a return to the basics of sketchbook recording.


Lugging the almost unmanageable paraphernalia of ‘plein air’ painting, I test my endurance, exposed to the elements.  What is the point in the age of instantaneous digitisation? 

The aim is to explore and evoke a sense of place, of having been intensely hot or painfully cold, wet, isolated, vulnerable and uncomfortable.  Observation and recording produces a journal-like body of work, capturing an instant, the fugitive play of light and colour, allowing the medium to take some control of the outcome.

Returning to the studio, this exploration is pushed on to another level producing larger work, which begins to re-evaluate and investigate the use and control of paint. Sometimes this is combined with partially obliterated hand written text, referencing the journal recording process.